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BBQ Conversion

Why not try this money saving BBQ gas conversion

The great thing about this BBQ gas conversion is that it is a win-win situation as natural gas is cheaper and lasts longer than liquid propane which is great for your food and even better for your wallet.

All you need to do is start off by obtaining a conversion kit, connecting it up to a longer gas line, and drilling some holes. So, let's get started with the BBQ conversion!

First of all you will have to check over all parts of your BBQ grill to make sure that the components are actually up to the task of the BBQ conversion.

Carefully check the grill burners, housing and all other parts of the of the grill itself before starting and renew any components that are not up to the job. As with any BBQ gas conversion, safety is of utmost importance, so do not hesitate in removing and replacing any parts as neccessary.

To begin with you will need to Install a T-section of pipe into the natural gas line to convert your propane BBQ grill to natural gas. The T-section will have an seperate closure valve and a connector to attach to the gas line.

You must stop the gas flow before you install the T-section, and to check for leaks around the seal of the new section by using soapy water around the seal when you re-start the gas otherwise your BBQ gas conversion will not operate efficiently, nor safely.

Uninstall the existing propane regulator on your barbecue which can often be found attached to the hose that connects to the propane tank, since the natural gas regulator at your home will now regulate the gas pressure.

You will probably need to use a screwdriver to remove the regulator from both the housing and the burners of your propane BBQ grill.

Take out the control knob assembly, which should be attached directly to the burner. You may need to remove the entire front panel of your barbecue in order to remove the controls from the burner.

This part of the BBQ gas conversion will take a short while, so why not grab yourself a drink and get ready for the final stage.

Final stage of the BBQ gas conversion

Take a cordless or power drill, and drill out the burner and control knob holes to enlarge them ready to accept the natural gas connection. Slowly widen these holes using a suitable sized drill bit until you have opened up the area enough to allow the new fittings can be attached. Open up the holes slowly and progressively as you want to avoid making the holes too large as this will result in a loose fitment.

Now attach the hose from the gas line to the grill burners and note that the length of gas line you require depends entirely on how near your gas line is to your barbecue grill.

It should be noted that if you feel unsure about installing the T-section of pipe to the gas line, call your local specialist and allow them to convert the line for you. Now you can enjoy all the benefits of your BBQ gas conversion.